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Silsbee is ready for business. The City of Silsbee and its Primary Trade Area (PTA) have experienced continued growth for the past decade and are projected to continue this healthy path of growth to well beyond the year 2020. According to ESRI Forecasts, the 2011 PTA estimated population was expected to increase to roughly 28,440 by the year 2016. According to census data, the population is 7,000 people, however, recent studies done by the Silsbee EDC have shown that only 65% of shoppers in Silsbee live within 6.5 miles.


Silsbee is classified as a sub-regional shopping hub, not only for the rural areas to the north and east, but also to Lumberton because of traffic issues.  To capture 90% of Silsbee’s shopping traffic, areas in a 25-mile centric ring must be included.  See this link .


With these facts taken into account, the population of people who shop in Silsbee is actually 28,440 for 2016 (according to the marketing study done by the EDC).


The average household income for Silsbee’s primary trade area is $53,231 (documented here). An additional consideration is the fact that Silsbee is a commuter town. A lot of people drive through Silsbee on their way to work, which leads to rises in spending. Recent data shows that Highway 92 at its intersection with highway 327 sees 15,000 cars per day. The highway 96 bypass, which is ripe for development with a great deal of available land and infrastructure already in place, has a traffic count of 19,000 cars every 24 hours. This surge of commuters added to the land availability creates many possibilities for businesses to open their doors. Businesses that support commuters, like food, gas, and of course coffee, are ideal, but there is room for other industries as well, like clothing, or home goods.  (documented here)


To see demographics, psychographics, a community profile, property analysis and traffic information, click here and look in the dropdown under community profile on the main menu.



Silsbee is a great place to do business.  Our city welcomes new business and is willing to discuss the possibility of incentives and abatements to assist with startup costs.  Also, the Silsbee EDC gives out grants to businesses that brings in new jobs and sales tax to the city.  The EDC and The Chamber of Commerce will help new businesses by both introducing financing professionals and aiding in the navigation of starting a new business. Information needed, such as available space, utilities, permits, etc. can be found here.


Silsbee has great transportation for goods to market too, read about it here.


Silsbee also has a revitalized and growing downtown managed by a Silsbee Downtown Revitalization, a 501(c)3.  This rebirth of Silsbee’s downtown area has drawn thousands of people from all over the country to visit its local shops and festivals. Andy Kitsinger writes, "There is a growing understanding that a strong downtown can be a major stimulator for economic growth and potentially a key revenue generator for local government." (see article here: ) The community is excited about this project and willing to help new businesses set up shop.


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